About Us

Nootka Swimwear blossomed from two best friends who shared a passion and love for both the sun and the ocean. Erika Johnson and Lindsey Black grew up in the city of Vancouver, on the west-coast of B.C., taking every opportunity to explore the  natural wonders that surrounded them. Travelling extensively throughout the world has connected a love for the ocean with an affinity for the unconventional.

We found that the fun and most fashionable swimwear suffered a lack of comfort and durability, especially when combined with a vigorous outdoor lifestyle.  On the other hand, the best swimwear for activities that require full range of movement like surfing, were usually unflattering or just plain boring.  

Our goal is to join these two worlds and produce swimwear that was equally as chic and fun at poolside as it was functional while paddling in challenging waves or freediving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.