The Launch of Inception

Inception is our debut launch and we couldn’t be more excited! Nootka bikinis were meant to get wet. The reversible, mix and match styles are created to allow personalization and unique wear of each suit.

These sophisticated and fun prints are inspired by the natural beauty of the Westcoast. Muted colours and natural patterns pair beautifully with reversible solids making the suits versatile and stylish for every occasion.  If mermaids had legs, they’d wear Nootka.

Quality Meant to be Worn

Nootka prides themselves on using sustainable materials that allow you to move and get wet. 

Our Brand

Nootka is designed for the girl that wants to look good swimming in the ocean and then drying out in the sun with a sangria.  We use soft, high quality, eco-friendly material which makes it easy to wear our bikini’s all day, no matter what the adventure.  We urge our customers to be free spirits.  Go for a swim, play some volleyball, hike down a little path looking for the perfect picnic spot.  Our swimsuits were designed to make you feel comfortable doing all of that. It just so happens you’re going to look good at the same time.

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